Nerve Root Impingement- This is a term that is used by some to cover all conditions that affect the nerve and cause radiating symptoms into the limb (arm or leg) or around the chest wall. However, it often times becomes too generalized when used in this manner. Physical therapists are becoming progressively more capable of making more accurate and specific diagnosis of what structural problem is to be the cause. Many of these conditions that cause radiating symptoms are covered in more detail and include the prolapsed disc, herniated disc, mm impingement, bone spurs or stenosis.

Disk Bulges- Disc’s act as cushions between the vertebrae and spine, when a disk bulges, it has expanded out of the space that it normally occupies. It may or may not be symptomatic.

Torticollis- Torticollis is a condition in which the neck muscles are locked into a sustained involuntary contraction. The contractions can be caused by repetitive movements, twisting and abnormal posturing of the neck.

Facet- Facet Syndrome is a condition in which facet joints in the spine degenerate, ultimately causing pain. The facet joints are located between each vertebra and they give the spine both stability and flexibility.

Compression Fractures-Compression fractures occur when a vertebra collapses, either due to a trauma, or a weakening of the vertebra. This is often seen in people with osteoporosis, infection, or lytic lesions from metastatic or primary tumors.

Osteoarthritis-This is known as a degenerative joint disease. More specifically, osteoarthritis of the spine is a breakdown of the cartilage in the lower back and the neck. This condition can cause pain and weakness in the arms and legs as it puts pressure on the nerves that extend from the spinal column.

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction- The Sacroiliac Joints are located in the pelvis, and they connect the pelvis to the lowest part of the spine. The purpose of these joints is to act as shock absorbers for the spine. Dysfunction of this joint is known for causing lower back and leg pain.

Spinal Stenosis-Spinal stenosis is a condition in which the open spaces in the spine narrow, which can put pressure on the spinal cord, and the nerves that move through the spine. This condition can be inherited, or often time caused by Scoliosis.